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the sky is so other worldly rn


I’ve read some days ago that Aone’s current concern is when he’s riding the train nobody wants to sit next to him. 

And it’s just… soooo cuteeee~ 

He deserves more love! ♥

So I made this ;v;

Deviantart: bigger version


Free! Eternal Summer is over but my love for this show is not ! Makoharu will always and forever be together ~ Makoharu Eternal Love is just beginning ~


Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 13: Everyone’s favorite Samezuka Academy side-character duo

Rei and Nagisa, last episode.

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please accept this while i work on my other au’s (and feel free to delete this caption it you reblog (: )

when they were senpai, shota, pimp and tsundere

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A villain is in control. I think all the best bad guys are very charming and very witty. The devil plays all the best tunes, particularly in a british accent.” — Tom Hiddleston